What is VoIP?


VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. Lately, we’ve been hearing this idiom very often, but have we ever wondered what it is, how it functions and what its advantages are?

VoIP is a communication frame that allows to initiate phone calls using the Internet protocol (shortly, the Internet) instead of the traditional systems. VoIP transforms the voice in a digital signal that is transmitted via the Internet. The same signal is then converted into voice that the person you talk to hears. Depending on the used VoIP, the conversations via the Internet can be performed from a computer, from a VoiP dedicated phone or form a smartphone or tablet.

If you use a regular smartphone, the initiation of VoIP calls is made similarly as for GSM networks (there are some differences among various applications in terms of interface, but they are not major). One of the great advantages is that you can benefit from services and options that the classical networks cannot provide.

Naturally, we first think about the possibility to secure the voice calls. Trust4Mobile uses VoIP and encrypts the voice signal. The signal gets in an encrypted form to the recipient who is the only one able to decrypt it.

Most of the smartphones that you can purchase in Romania have the VoIP option activated. There is one exception, Vodafone. In this case the user must request the activation of this option.

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