• The contact list and creating a contact
    Displays your contact list (along with their status: ONLINE or OFFLINE), the list of pending invitations sent out and the list of received invitations you have not replied. This screen also allows the selective display of contacts (and invitations) by applying a filter text search.
  • Messages
    The message screen shows a list of conversations with each contact (displays the unread messages received from that contact and the total number of messages). The screen allows viewing the messages exchanged with a particular contact (messages encrypted on-the-fly). The screen can be protected by a PIN.
  • Call
    Displays call history in chronological order. Tapping a list item starts dialing the contact. The data provided by this screen are optional and can be configured from the settings screen.
  • Settings
    The settings screen allows configuring the settings of the application, registering and unregistering from the server. The screen can be protected by a PIN code.

    See all settings
    Choosing the certificate for encryption
    Storing the certificate’s PIN code in cache
    Certificate status: software (PKCS#12) or on hardware device (token)
    Settings screen protection status
    Message screen protection status
    Lifetime of messages
    Incoming message notification signaling
    Incoming call notification signaling