Video tutorial

1. Download Trust4Mobile

On you mobile device, access PlayStore and search for Trust4Mobile.


Enter the PIN you have already chosen to have access to the application.

2. Install Trust4Mobile

2.1 Generate the Digital certificate


Enter the activation code. If you don’t have an activation code, contact certSIGN via telephone (+40 31 10 11 870) or email ( to receive one. Please mention you name and the email address you want to use when registering the digital certificate issued by certSIGN.

Enter the activation code and tap SEND REQUEST.

2.2 Finish the installation

Enter your personal data and choose a PIN code. By using this PIN, you will connect to the application and will define the settings of the application. Tap CREATE CERTIFICATE.

The certificate will be saved in the established directory. Tap OK.


3. Add contacts

1st method - in case you have the serial ID of your friend, follow the steps below. If you don’t have it, use the 2nd method.

The ID serial can be found using the application’s Settings screen.


Introduce your friend’s ID serial and tap SEND INVITATION.

The connection invitation will be transmitted automatically. Wait for the confirmation message.

2nd method



Select the email client to send the serial.

Fill in the sender’s e-mail. The body of the message is filled in automatically by the application.

After your friend has added you to his list, you will be asked if you accept the invitation. Tap ACCEPT.

The acceptance will be confirmed.

4. Receive connection invitations

You will receive the message above in your email client.

Clink on the SEND INVITATION link. When asked, select Trust4Mobile.

Tap SEND INVITATION. The serial of your friend who wants to connect with you will appear in the Friend’s Serial field. Do not modify it.

You will receive a confirmation message.

When you friend accepts the invitation, you will receive a confirmation message.

5. Use the application

Open the agenda. Tap AGENDA.

Slide to the right on your friend’s name to initiate a secured conversation or to the left to send an encrypted message.

Call the person you want to call.

Send a text to the person you want to text.