How do I add contacts in the contacts list?

Please refer to our tutorials section, here.

I forgot my PIN. Can you reset it?

No. You are the only person who has access to your PIN code. If you want a new PIN code, the only solution is to reissue your digital certificate and to re-import your contacts in the application.

I changed my phone. Do I have to purchase the application again?

No. The application can be moved to your new phone. To do this, you will need to move your certificate in software format and your contact list.

What are the advantages of the complete solution?

The complete solution allows your company to implement a closed encrypted mobile communication system in which the entire infrastructure and logistics are under your direct control. More details can be found here.

Does the developer of the application have access to my communications?

No. certSIGN does not have access to any of your incoming or outgoing calls or to the messages you send or receive. Furthermore, certSIGN does not save any records of your conversation history and has no access to your digital certificate’s PIN code.

How do I know the person I am communicating with is the person I wish to speak to?

The use of the digital certificate guarantees that the person you are talking to is none other than the one you intended to speak to.