Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is secured with Trust4Mobile, the only Romanian application to encrypt calls and SMS


Upon launching the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the users’ communications will be more secured thanks to the Trust4Mobile application developed by certSIGN, the first Romanian application to encrypt calls and VoIP texts in real time, dedicated to the users of Android mobile devices.

Created to prevent the interception of the communications of the mobile devices users, Trust4Mobile relies on the digital certificates issued by certSIGN and on advanced encryption mechanisms based on the AES 256 and RSA 2048 encryption algorithms.

Intuitive, easy to install and use, Trust4Mobile allows the user to secure his communications as easily as initiating an ordinary phone call, also providing total control on the features that ensure their protection.

“The security of the data exchanged via mobile devices is a hot topic and our role is to educate the user so that he knows the risks he is exposed to and to provide the appropriate solutions to protect his information. Trust4Mobile is such a solution, the security of the calls and of the information exchanged via text messages being guaranteed by using advanced encryption technologies”, states Adrian Floarea, Chief Commercial Officer of certSIGN.

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