• Best practices to secure the mobile devices


    The protection the data saved on the mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, becomes more and more serious. These devices carry important information on the owner’s private and professional life. For this reason, a vulnerability or an attack directed towards the phone or the tablet can affect not only the owner, his friends and family, but also the company he works for. Read More

  • Tips and tricks to secure your smartphone and tablet


    The important data that you save on your mobile phone or tablet can be easily accessed by not very computer-literate strangers. Find out how to prevent this thing from happening. Read More

  • Infographic: How secure is your mobile phone?


    The accelerated growth of the smartphone and tablet market in recent years has also brought about an increase in the frequency and severity of security threats targeting billions of mobile users worldwide.

    Users – companies and individuals alike – need to understand that mobile devices may be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than work stations, but the costs of any investments required for protecting them (smartphones and tablets) against cyber threats are much smaller than the financial losses or moral damage such attacks can cause.


  • What is VoIP?


    VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. Lately, we’ve been hearing this idiom very often, but have we ever wondered what it is, how it functions and what its advantages are?

    VoIP is a communication frame that allows to initiate phone calls using the Internet protocol (shortly, the Internet) instead of the traditional systems. VoIP transforms the voice in a digital signal that is transmitted via the Internet. The same signal is then converted into voice that the person you talk to hears. Depending on the used VoIP, the conversations via the Internet can be performed from a computer, from a VoiP dedicated phone or form a smartphone or tablet. Read More