In a world where information shared via telephone accidentally becomes public, the need for secured conversations becomes paramount. The solution is the Trust4Mobile Voice app.

  • Encryption is done using digital certificates.
  • The digital certificate and the corresponding cryptographic keys are stored on a smartcard or protected on the smartphone.
  • There is no history of calls and they do not appear in the detailed invoice you receive from your mobile network operator.
  • The infrastructure required to implement the system can be made entirely available to you. Thus, you get a complete solution. Or you can use certSIGN’s infrastructure and use the application as a service.

Also, it is very important that our messages only reach the person we want to communicate with. The use of digital certificates and encryption technologies included in Trust4Mobile Text guarantees this.

  • Provides encryption of text messages.
  • All messages are stored in an encrypted manner.
  • Messages can be deleted once they have been read or after a time interval set by the user.
  • Digital certificates are issued by certSIGN, the largest Certification Authority in Romania, audited in compliance with WebTrust and certified by the British Standard Institute. The certificates issued by certSIGN are used for computer security applications included in the NATO catalog and are identical to the ones used in military systems.
  • Trust4Mobile allows the encryption of any type of data on your mobile device, using military cryptographic technology, which subsequently is sent by e-mail, in an encrypted format.