Trust4Mobile Corporate

Trust4Mobile is the first solution for the management of the corporate mobile devices, entirely developed by a Romanian company.

Communications Infrastructure

  • Allows mobile device management using COTS (MDM) solutions
  • Allows creating secured containers for office activities
  • Allows digitally signing the documents in a stream of documents
  • Enables secured communication through applications specialized in voice and SMS encryption
  • Uses email encryption mechanisms based on qualified digital certificates issued by certSIGN
  • The qualified digital certificates can be stored on smartcard type devices connected to the mobile device

The complete solution provides total control over the communications server and over the security and communications infrastructure.
The complete Trust4Mobile solution includes the full range of equipment and software solutions needed to create your own encrypted mobile communications network.

Trust4Mobile is an application suite that enable you with full control and maximum visibility over your mobile equipment, apps and data through a single simple ergonomic interface. Trust4Mobile combines multiple features into a single application

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Secure containers for office activities and tasks
  • Document flow security
  • Digital signature
  • Voice and text message encryption

Mobile Device Management

  • Fast mobile device enrollment
  • Ensures the direct mobile device management, without connecting the devices to other equipment
  • Is edowed with a set of profiles that allows different standard settings that can be assigned to more easily to a group of mobile devices
  • Allows updating and configuring all the devices enrolled
  • Compatible with most operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian sau MAC OS

Voice and text message encryption

  • The highest level of security in mobile communication, using digital certificates and the PKI technology
  • Using advanced encryption mechanisms, Trust4Mobile guarantees the privacy of your text messages and conversations
  • It generates session keys after each message or call, that selfdestruct at the end of the conversation
  • Messages are stored in encrypted format even after they have been read


  • Mobile devices and data are secured through ARM trustZone-based Integritity Measurement Architecture, which protects the encryption keys and the digital certificates against any attempt of hacking.